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WHAT:      Estaciones, brand new flamenco production, directed and choreographed by Antonio Granjero
WHEN:      Friday, April 9, 2010 at 8pm and Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 2pm
WHERE:    Eifler Theater (Clifton Center), 2117 Payne Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40206
TICKETS:   $25 in advance, $30 day of show, purchase tickets online or by phone. 24/7 Ticket Hotline: 1-800-838-3006.
INFO:        For group, student and senior citizen discounts or more information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 502.345.2945

Estaciones (Seasons) PosterFlamencoTalk will celebrate the seasons of the soul with the premiereof its all-new production "Estaciones" (Seasons) at the CliftonCenter's Eifler Theater on Friday, April 9, 2010. The third majorproject for the Louisville-based flamenco company,the production is a culmination of a year-long collaboration withAntonio Granjero, one of world's celebrated flamenco artists. Conceivedand choreographed by Granjero, with musical direction by Barcelonanative Francisco Orozco "Yiyi", the show promises to deliver on a levelnever before seen in Kentucky. A spiritual journey that takes us fromthe nostalgia and exasperation of Autumn to the rejuvenation of Spring,"Estaciones" explores the emotional landscape of our inner worldthrough four familiar motifs, bringing into focus internal struggles,unbridled emotions and contrasting moods that color our lives.


Tickets are available online and via phone until 3hr prior to show time. Please note that credit cards are accepted for ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE ONLY, we will not be able to accept credit cards at the door - cash or checks only. Tickets are available at the door starting 1hr before the show. Please purchase your tickets early to avoid long lines and delays at show time - last year's show was sold out!

VIDEO (Excerpt from performance of Antonio Granjero):


antonio-200.jpgAntonio Granjero, guest choreographer, co-director and dancer
Antonio Granjero had the honor of performing at some of the most prestigious flamenco events in the world, including the Bienal de Sevilla and Festival de Jerez, accompanying Cañizares' Company. As part of his recent European tour Antonio has debuted a new show "Vaya con Dios" at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2008. Granjero has performed in theatres throughout Israel, Italy, England, Switzerland, France, and Japan, has appeared in many popular television programs, and has been featured as a lead dancer in the performance for the Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Granjero has performed as a lead dancer in the International dance festivals of Bordeaux (France) and Todi (Italy), and had the opportunity to share the stage with such flamenco legends as Antonio Canales and Gerardo Nuñez. He was invited to represent Jerez during the International Exposition in Seville (EXPO 92), where he performed Alegrías with Domingo Ortega to critical acclaim by several national newspapers, including El Pais and ABC.


[Antonio Granjero] exceptional dancer with incredible speed, precision, and strength like no other. close-quote.gif
A powerhouse, don't miss this performer you'll be missing the best of Flamenco.
Granjero's blistering footwork is show-stopping. His feet move with such astounding speed that they virtually freeze in space, as we hear the lightning-fast thrum of his heels on the floor. -Gus Jr Solomons, Dance Magazine





Francisco Javier Orozco "Yiyi", guest singer and percussionist
Yiyi is a profoundly emotional and sensitive singer and amazing percussionist born in Barcelona, Spain. He has toured the world with leading flamenco dancers and companies. Yiyi is considered one of the most sought after young flamenco singers on the scene today.Introduced to flamenco rhythms at the tender age of four by his father,flamenco singer "Joselón de Jerez", Yiyi was considered a "childprodigy" of percussion. He began his professional career at the youngage of twelve and by the age of seventeen Yiyi has released his first CD and began touring Europe with the company "Flamenco Rubio".


Since then he has toured throughout Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South America, the United States, and has performed at the world-renowned flamenco tablao "Casa Patas" in Madrid.Yiyi has performed with "Compañia Flamenca Alhama", María Benitez' "Teatro Flamenco", Domingo Ortega, Jose Greco II, Alejandro Granados, Serranito, Yolanda Heredia, and many others. Critics worldwide have touted Yiyi's performances as "fiery" and "riveting", his percussion techniques executed with "machine-gun speed" that possess and "cast a spell".

It became clear that in accompanying the solo dances and performing sections of pure music, [Yiyi's] skills were exemplary. With only a splash cymbal, oversized conga and a cajón … his powerful, bone-chilling voice and incredibly fast hands riveted the audience… his playing and singing were nothing short of electrifying.


mariya-200.jpgMariya Tarakanova, dance and artistic direction
Mariya’s passion for dance has been a life-long journey. A seasonedperformer, she made her debut at the age of 6 performing ballet, modernand international dance on stages of her native St. Petersburg, Russia.Her dance career has undergone a major shift in 1996, when shediscovered Flamenco, one of the world’s most complex and mysteriousartforms. Mariya has performed alongside such maestros as Antonio Hidalgo, AntonioVargas, Ángel Muñoz, Arturo Martínez, Jesus Montoya, Chayito, andVicente Griego, among others. Some of her recent endeavors includerepeat residencies as a guest artist and teacher for Centro Flamenco DePittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA, and a guest appearance at a performance withBrent Del Bianco and members of Memphis Symphony Orchestra in Memphis,TN. Mariya directs FlamencoTalk,  regularly performs as a soloist throughout Kentucky andsurrounding states, as well as teaches at her flamenco Studio Aíre. 


brent-200.jpgBrent Del Bianco, flamenco guitar
Brent Del Bianco began playing music at the age of 10. Over the past 20 years, he has studied and performed a variety of styles, including flamenco, blues, jazz, bluegrass and classical guitar. His commitment to flamenco can be seen in his work as a soloist, and particularly as an accompanist. Brent has studied with the great Chuscales as well as Rene Heredia, Santiago Aguilar, Alfonso Veneno, and others, and has attended master classes with Pedro Sierra. Since 2004, Brent has attended the National Institute of Flamenco's annual summer events in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he accompanied classes for the International Flamenco Festival 2007.


ricardo_200.jpgRicardo Anglada, flamenco guitar
a native of Northern New Mexico, Ricardo began playing guitar at age 12. In 2003, he won first place in the Festival Flamenco Internacional Concurso. First studying with his father, Ricardo later trained with Jose  Valle “Chuscales” as well as with artists such as Pedro Cortes, Santiago Aguilar, Anton Jimenez, and Pedro Sierra. He works with the flamenco program at the University of New Mexico and at the National Institute of Flamenco under the direction of Eva Encinias-Sandoval. Ricardo is currently the guitarist for the American Flamenco Repertory Company, “Yjastros,” under the direction of Joaquin Encinias. Ricardo has worked with many flamenco artists throughout his career and works closely with his cousin Vicente Griego, a flamenco singer. In 2007, Ricardo co-starred in the film Cante Jondo directed by Lewis Teague (Cujo, Navy Seals).

In alphabetical order:

juli-200.jpgJuliana Bravo, dance
Juliana Bravo, from Argentina, connected with flamenco in 2002 thanksto the inspiration of Mara Maldonado, who then directed the academy ofBallet Español. Since she was a child, Juliana was involved with dance.She danced Argentinean Folklore for 9 years in her native city ofCórdoba. All those years of experience with dance are clearly reflectedin the grace, unique style and Latina spirit that colors every aspectof her life, including flamenco. In Louisville Juliana studied atBallet Español and Flamenco Louisville. As part of her dedication tothe art form she has also trained with the following guest artists:Angela Ponzio, Antonio Granjero, Timo Lozano and Antonio Vargas. In hermost recent trip to Spain she took intensive classes with Chiqui deJerez and Juan Parra. Currently, Juliana Bravo is part of theprofessional flamenco company Camino Flamenco, whose members take pridein being able to bring the passion and art of flamenco to thecommunity. Flamenco, as it only exists in the streets of Spain.



Jennifer Laughlin, dance
From the moment she saw two friends dance the Sevillanas at a casual party in Rennes, France, Jennifer has had a deep appreciation for the unique grace, strength, and festive nature of Spanish dance. In 1999, she caught the Flamenco bug in earnest as she began classes with the Ballet Español-trained dancer, Chandra Nair, in Lexington, Ky. Since then, she has enjoyed being both wowed and challenged by this lively art form. She is grateful to her many talented teachers and partners, including Ms. Nair, Mariya Tarakanova, Diana Dinicola, Brenna O’Hara, and Camino Flamenco. She has also been lucky to study with Flamenco greats such as Antonio Granjero, Timo Lozano, and Saray Montoya of the Farruco family. Jennifer currently dances and teaches in Lexington, Ky.


kristen-200.jpgKristen Mercker, dance
Kristen’s love of dance and movement began at the age of 15 with jazzand yoga, which she continued through high school and college. Itwasn’t until she took her first flamenco class in 1999 that she foundher greatest passion. Kristen began an intense study of the art form offlamenco, and in 2001 she began performing with Ballet Espanol underthe direction of Mara Maldonado. They worked and performed with manyartists from Spain and the US, most notably Angel Munoz (Pace PenaFlamenco Dance Company) at The Brown Theatre. Kristen’s love offlamenco took her to Spain, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Chicago to studywith Maestros Juan Parra, Manolete Maya, Juan de Juan, Omayra Amaya,Joaquin Ruiz, Antonio Granjero, Timo Lozano y Angela Ponzio. Kristenwas a founding member of the Soleo Flamenco Dance Company of Chicago,and has co-founded Camino Flamenco Dance Company in Louisville, KY. 

christy-200.jpgChristina Dianne Smith, dance
Since Christina was first exposed to the art form of Flamenco, she wascaptivated. Determined to develop her skills as a flamenco dancer, shebegan her studies in 1999 with Ballet Español in Louisville, KY, andbecame an apprentice under the direction of Mara Maldonado. Over thelast 8 years, Christina has worked with Angela Ponzio, Ana MariaBlanco, Carmela Greco and the legendary Manolete Maya. She has alsostudied with and performed alongside flamenco artists such as ArturoMartinez, Antonio Granjero and Angel Muñoz. Christina has activelyparticipated with Ballet Español and Flamenco Louisville, SoleoFlamenco Dance Company in Chicago and currently co-directs professionalflamenco dance company, Camino Flamenco.

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